Now that tax season is upon us, people will probably start to see the IRS scam phone calls again. I had received many last year around July and although I could have easily blocked their number, I just let the voicemails come through so I would have records and of it, the different voicemails as well as the different numbers that they were calling from. 

Here is one of the said voicemails 

They stated that there is a lawsuit against me and unless I call them back, they are going to turn it over to the authorities. This is another "legit sounding" phishing scam attempt. Please do not fall for this crap. Almost all places will let you know via letter, such as the IRS. I also attached the post of the IRS scam voicemail as well which has all the phone numbers they have called me from on.

Here is another voicemail

Please know that it is not legitimate and it is a phishing call, meaning they are trying to get information out of you. Most times it is for you to send them money or some other act like that. 

This was for a IRS Lawsuit call, which is 100% false.

Even thought it may sound legitimate, it is not. Places like this would never call you, they would send you a letter in the mail.

This came from number 240-758-8578 and I received calls from 731-443-9816, (803) 300-7133, 229-548-7960and 917-821-4522

If you ever receive a call from some organization that you owe them money, they are suing you or something else that revolves around you giving them either money, bank information, your bank stating that they need to validate your information, credit card company calling about validating your information, stating that a relative is hurt and needs money or anything else that does not sound right do not give them anything! Almost all places will send you a letter. If you do receive a call like the ones above, hang up and if you are suspicious, call their customer service line

Here is a voicemail for a "lawsuit" filed against me, which seems to be a new wave of phishing calls -