One thing that I do not like about fall is all the leaves that are in my yard and blow all over the place. I like to keep them cleaned up because if I leave them in my yard all winter long, it will kill the grass from being compacted down, so I will blow the leaves into the street and go along with my leaf vacuum and clean them all up. The little bag attachment that came with it will hold maybe 10 leaves and then fill up, which is a pain. So, I purchased an attachment for the Black & Decker leaf blower / vacuum that I took the end off of it to expose the hose and then put a hose clamp on the end (a 4 or 5 inch clamp). Now this will fit on the end of my leaf vacuum and it will suck up the leaves and then put the mulched up leaves into my 30 gallon garbage can that I can now eaily empty into my lawn refuse bin, or when that is full easily put them into lawn refuse bags to be picked up. I will also give them to my neighbors that want to use them for their gardens or to place around their flowers for the winter or anyone that wants the mulch.

If I am using the lawn refuse bags, I also use this little contraption that I picked up for about $10.00 or so  that makes dumpin the leaves from my 30 gallon wast bin into the refuse bag, to which it is called the Leaf and Lawn Chute


See the video below for how it is all done. If you have the garbage can already that you can use, the total cost can be under $30.00.