Win a free NordVPN subscription from CNET


With so much lately about secuirty and people working from home, it is a fantastic time to get a VPN. Check out the above link from CNET (I get nothing at all from CNET, I just like their tech and security news articles) and win a subscription for NordVPN. I like nord, I use it on my PC and my phone and I will be entering this as well.

slow computer, it could be a heat issue


Is your computer running slow? does it randomly shut down when you are on it and then start right back up again?
There could be many different reasons for that, and one of them could be a heat issue.
What kind of heat issue you ask? well, if your processor gets too hot your computer should automatically shut down to prevent damage.
One reason why a processor can get too hot is if the heatsink is covered in dust. Since dust will insulate and prevent the fan from removing the heat,
it can get too hot. Over time all computer fans, heatsinks, liquid cooled radiators, etc will build up in dust and hair.
One easy way to remedy this is by removing the dust, etc. from your PC to allow it to cool efficently again.
If you do not feel comfortable opening up your PC, that is fine. You can find someone who is experienced, or you can bring it to your local computer shop
One thing that you can clean out without opening it up is the power supply. That should have vents on the back of it, and maybe even a fan and you should also have vents on the back of your PC
and possibly fans also. One caveat to this, is that you may blow the dust from your power supply, into your computer.

The tools that you will need is just either a air compressor with a blowing like nozzle, or a can of canned air.
You can even get a lint free cloth to remove any build up of dust blankets from your PC. If you do open up your PC, make sure that you leave it plugged in.
The reason for this is that so you can ground yourself when you have it open and reduce the chances of ESD (Electro Static Discharge), which will fry your computer instantly even if you do not feel
the static electricty jump from you to your PC (same concept if you rub your feet on a carpet floor and then touch something metal).

In the video below, I go on how I cleaned out mine and how easy it really is.
Once again, if you do not feel comfortable doing this, then dont. Bring it to someone who is experienced with this.