The fitbit, 

such a nice exercising tracking accessory to have, but since it is always on your wrist and you sweat, it collects the sweat and the dead sking and will start to stink eventually. The nice thing is that cleaning your fitbit is actually really easy and does not cost a lot of money to do. 

All you need are a few ingredients to do this simple task. 


Use the cotton rounds and add some alcohol to them and wipe down the fitbit down and try to get as much as possible to remove any dirt and grime from the fitbit. 

Use the Q-Tips dipped in alcohol to clean the small to reach areas including the charging ports. 

The tooth picks come in to play to remove the hard to reach areas to scrape out the dead skin. 


It should only take about 5 minutes to fully clean the fitbit. Let it fully dry before putting it back onto your wrist or before charging. Since you are using rubbing alcohol, it should only take a few minutes to dry off. I will also wipe down my wrist with the cotton rounds that have rubbing alcohol in them to remove any of the "stink"


See my video below on how to do this. 

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