Do you like Google Chrome browser, but don't want google tracking?
Try out Epic Privacy Browser -
It is the one that I mainly use now and it comes with a free Proxy as well as some nice controls to it.
There is not too much to this browser, except for that it is built off of Chromium, which is the same platform that Google Chrome is built off of.
Besides for the free built in Proxy
it also has an "umbrella button"
There are not very many extensions for this browser, which are a good thing and a bad thing.
The good thing is that it leads to less bloat, the bad thing is that some functionality from extensions is a good thing as setting up a secondary VPN
When connected to the Proxy, Epic browser will show a green connection in the upper right hand corner
and on thier website they boast this
I have noticed htat some things do not work correctly when using the Proxy and Epic (such as some things within Facebook) I switch to Google Chrome and it works just fine. My guess is that some of the tracking that facebook does is disabled by Epic
This is a fairly small write-up for this browser, but I plan to do a more in-depth write up as well as more blog posts coming soon.