There are a few constitutional amendments that should be repealed because they are bad and they take away the original intent of the constitution. The 17th amendment is one that should be repealed. The 17th amendment states that you can vote for the senators in your state. Prior to that you only voted for the House members, and the state Legislators appointed the Senators. That was a natural check and balance for term limits. The senators were supposed to represent the states and the will of the states an the House of representatives was supposed to represent the people and the will of the people. If the senators were not doing their job, the legislators could recall them and appoint new ones. The people were never supposed to directly appoint the senators.

The other one that should be repealed is the 16th amendment, this is the one that made the lovely income tax. Prior to the 16th amendment the states paid "taxes" if you will to the federal government based upon the census, the more people they more they paid and this is how the federal government operated. The people were never intended to pay for the federal government twice or even more than they currently do.

The 12th amendment is an amendment that exists, but is never followed and should be. Look that one up. According to that amendment the President is never supposed to pick their running mate. The vice president is supposed to be voted upon just like the president is, but this was no longer followed due to FDR.