Here is how to field strip and clean the Hi-Point .45 ACP

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It had been a while since I took this gun apart, so I was a bit rusty in this video.

Watch out for the pin as I lost mine when taking it apart one time, and there is a stopper on the end of the spring that shot off one time when I cleaned it.

The Hi-Points are one of the more difficult hand guns that I have taken apart mainly due to the pin that is easily lost and the spring that will shoot off into the sunset on you, not to mention the pin that you have to take out, where other guns may have a lever that swings up.

I have heard that their customer service is great about sending you free replacement pins, but I have yet to contact them. That may be an update later on.

As far as accuracy for the Hi-Points. They are accurate and so far every single time I have pulled the trigger they went bang and I am able to accurately hit the target every time. 

Links to the different oils that I use for cleaning my guns

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