If anyone buys one of the Samsung Gear Live smart watch (they are the android smart watch) off of Amazon or other retailer and you find that some apps do not work on it, such as changing the watch face or that WiFi does not work, or anything does not work on it. The reason that I found at least with mine is that the ones that were sold were "developer" editions of the watch
Since these were in developer mode, this prevented from most apps working correctly and it also prevented the Android OS from updating to the latest version of the Android OS that Samsung released for this watch (mine has Android 6.01 on it), it is not just your watch and it is not you.
There are some steps that you need to do to remove the developer edition of the watch. If you are used to "rooting" an android phone, this should be no issue for you. I have rooted a few so far, so I was able to go thru the steps quite easily. I had found all the steps on a Reddit page, after some searching as to why nothing worked for it.
Head over to this reddit post https://www.reddit.com/r/AndroidWear/comments/2rgx1p/no_update_on_gear_live/

After I was able to remove the "developer" edition of Android from the watch and then update it, the watch has worked perfectly fine for me. In another post I will do some tricks that I will use my watch for.