Here is something that I have and is something that is nice to have that you can mount on the rail of your rifle / shotgun if you want to have a light source that wont break the bank.
I will do a video of the flashlight that I use on a different day to which I may add to this post or do another post on the flashlight itself. The flashlight mount that I use is nice as you can use different flashlights with this mount, to which I had purchased off of Amazon. The mount is OFF SET TACTICAL Weapon Mount For Olight M20/M21/M30, Fenix TK11, TK12, TA21, JETBeam M1X/M2S/JET-III M/RRT-1/RRT-2 and many more 1" Diameter size Flashlight to which it is under $5.00. This you can add and mount any flashlight that you can buy from any store, but I had mounted a flashlight that is extremely bright and it can also be focused.

The flashlight will take a while to show up as I believe that it ships from China. The flashlight I had purchased off of the Wish app, and the link to the flashlight is XML-T6 Light
I also had purchased 4 or 5 extra Ultra Fire 9800mAh batteries for the flashlight, to which I had also purchased 2 chargers for the Ultra Fire 9800mAh 3.7V batteries. The Flashlight that I used will take 3 regular sized batteries, but it will not be nearly as bright.
So for under $20.00, you can have an extremely bright flashlight that it has a zoom on it so it can be a wide light or you can slide the front of the flashlight forward to focus the beam. There are other flashlights like this one on the wish app, some may be exactly the same and they may be cheaper than this one. Feel free to try other ones to see which one you like. You may even be able to find a flashlight mount on the wish app that may be cheaper as well.