A cellphone external battery pack is something that is very nice to have as when your cellphone gets low on battery power and you do not have a easy access to a power source, these come in very handy. I have a few of them and I will take 1 or 2 of them with me when I am out hunting. For hunting these can be a life saver as if you get stranded somewhere what are you going to do when your battery gets low? If you have an external battery pack, you can charge your phone (as long as you have a cord with you, to which I bring at least 2 with me)

There are a lot of different external battery packs out there that you can get. Some are great and some really suck. I have bought a few that were nothing but paper weights as they failed to charge anything, but they boasted to be great battery packs.

The ones that I like to use are the solar charging ones and they weight about 1lb or so. You cannot fully charge the battery pack on solar, but it can get to about 50% charge via solar and it is a nice way to get some more power when the battery pack runs out of power as well.

I have bought a few off of Amazon, and they were good they did the job. I found a few off of Wish, to which were very inexpensive but they take a long time to get to your house. The ones that I had bought were Lithium Battery Solar Power Bank 100000mAh

The one that I had bought from Amazon is no longer sold but it was similar to the one above (I did find one at amazon similar Battery Pack

They have 2 outlets for charging phones, so you could charge 2 phones off of this. I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, so it has a pretty big battery and I have charged my phone to 100% from 20% with one of these and I still had some power to spare. If I am in a deer stand and I have something to set them on or a way to hang them from by backpack, I will usually hang them on the outside of my backpack so that while I am charging my phone (if I need to) that the battery pack is also slowly getting some more power as well.

Once I return to camp, I am able to charge the battery pack(s) back up all the way again. I will also use these when going out and about if we are going to be gone for the whole day such as at a fair or something.