Here is my review on the Alien Gear IWB cloak tuck 3.0 holster.


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I did a review a while ago on a few holsters that I have used either currently or in the past, to which that review can be found at

This time I took a bit more look at the Alien Gear holsters, to which I now have a few of them (both right and left handed holsters) and the later ones have improvements over the first cloak tuck 3.0. In the first review I had mentioned that the clips were a bit flimsy, and to my surprise, Alien Gear commented on the video stating that they have made their clips much stronger now and that I can contact their suport department to get new clips.. How awesome is that!

In this video I had mentioned that the shipping on the first holsters had take a while to get to me, to which I have ordered from them a few times since then and have never had that issue again. I think that was an isolated incident to where they were experiencing a large influx of orders. 

The holsters are very sturdy, I carry them all the time and they are the ones that I use. I will swap between 2 of them depending on what I want to carry that day, but they all get worn for at least 8 hours if not more and they also get worn when I am out hunting. 

Some holsters that I have used are very uncomfortable, but these are definately comfortable as some times I dont even know that I am carrying my gun on me. 

One thing that I like is that you can buy a single holster and buy additional "shells" for your holster so that one single holster with additional shells can work for many different types of guns. Some of the other things that they sell for the holsters are :

The one thing that I completely forgot to mention in the first part of the video, but is in the 2nd part, is that you can adjust the height of the holster as there are 3 holes on each side. If you want it to rest higher or lower, all you need to do is remove the clip and put it into the height that fits your needs. Not only can you adjust either the front height, the back height, the total height but you can also adjust the retention of the shell as well. They provide additiaonl rubber washers to where you can completely adjust the retention of the shell to fit your needs. These holsters are not only comfortable, but they are 100% customizable. 

If you head over to their homepage, you can see about 1/4 the way down they have some animated graphics on to what this all looks like and to what you can adjust. 

They just start to carry magazine holsters, to which I had wished that their holsters had them built in, but to now have a good IWB magazine holster is great to which I may buy one soon and if I do, I will do a review on that. I will also do a review on the gun belt that I bought from Alien gear as well. 

They have a deal on their website that starts at $48.00 for 2 holsters and the price goes up for what additions that you make to them, to which I see as a great deal. I cannot go into most gun stores and buy a cheap holster for the price that Alien Gear is charging for 2 of them. 

The holsters that I have reviewed from Alien Gear have all been IWB or Inside the Waist Band, they do carry OWB or Outside the Waist Band holsters also