This is another podcast from one of the many podcasts that I like to listen to. This one is from the Jason Stapleton Program, definately worth a listen!

663: Shane Hazel Joins Jason to Talk about his Run for Congress


One of the things I wanted to start doing into next year was interviewing potential senators, and congressmen who I thought would do a better job promoting liberty than the man or woman currently holding office.

As some of you know, I'm back out in California this week finishing the shoot for the History channel, and I thought I'd do an interview series with some people who are doing some interesting stuff in the liberty space.

I'm kicking off this series with Shane Hazel, an incredible man who's decided to take on the establishment and run against the sitting Republican in Georgia's 7th District.

Running against a Republican AS a Republican is an almost impossible task, but Shane's message of liberty and free markets are winning the day.

Give the show a listen and then head over to and throw your support behind his efforts.