Here is how you can light your charcoal grill or your charcoal smoker without having to use any lighter fluid. I have been using this method for a few years now, and the one time that I did use lighter fluid the food had a tate of lighter fluid, even when I only used a small amount. 

To use this method you only need a few items. 

First you need a charcoal chimney starter

you also need some paper (news paper works just fine). An option item is to use some inexpensive vegetable oil. The vegetable oil will cause the paper to burn slower, but the more oil you use, the smokeir it will be. 

Take your news paper (if you plan to use vegetable oil, place some before you crumple the paper), or other paper product and crumple it into a ball and place it under the charcoal chimney starter

Place your chimney starter on the top rack of your grill / smoker, fill it up with your choice of charcoal and light it from the bottom with either a match or a lighter. 

Wait about 10 - 15 minutes and it shoudl be ready to go. 


Here is a video of this process. 

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