Silica gel packets, they come in just about everything from medication containers to shoes (sometimes) and most people just throw them away not knowing their full potential. Most think that the silica gel packets are a one time use application and that they must be no good once they have been sitting in the open for a while, well I am here to tell you that the silica gel packets can be reused multiple times. 

What silica gel packets do, is they absorb moisture from their environment and then they hold it in the gel. After a while they do lose their ability to absorb more moisture and it is at that point that most people just throw them in the garbage, when they are essentially throwing away something that is useful, versatile, recyclable and money. 

To recycle them, all that you have to do is dry them out so that they have the ability to take in moisture again, to which the process is really easy. 

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees, spread them out onto a cookie sheet or something flat and put them into your oven for a hour or two. You will not burn or destroy the packet that the silica gel is in, as long as you keep the oven at 200 degrees, as this is a low heat that will after a hour or so, remove the moisture that is locked inside of them. 

After they are done, you can reuse them again and again and again. 

Some uses for thes are:

  • Drawing moisture out of electronic devices that got wet
  • keepting important documents from getting moisture in them
  • keeping ammunition dry
  • keeping mositure from guns
  • keeping moisture out of safes
  • keeping items in air tight containers from getting moist
  • keeping humidity down in air tight containers
  • and many, many more.