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567: Media Goes Orgasmic Over Republican Healthcare Defeat


Watching the Sunday shows this week you'd think all the pundits just got raises. The giddiness was hard to contain. It was evident they were relishing the fact that Republicans failed to deliver their healthcare bill for a vote.

But the jokes on them. Real liberty minded people didn't want that garbage either. I was overjoyed (while not surprised) to hear that Ryan's plan to strong-arm Republicans into supporting his tired excuse for healthcare reform.

Now they turn their attention to tax reform, or at least that's what they're saying. I think the president is more interested in infrastructure spending and if he wants to secure a win for himself, he will do far better if he started with his trillion dollar stimulus.

It doesn't matter. If Trump starts with stimulus, we'll go deeper into debt, if he starts with tax cuts we won't see a dime in spending decreases. In the end, Washington stays the same, only the leadership changes.

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