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590: Republicans Passes 7 Day Spending Bill


That's right. Congress is back to its same old bag of tricks. There are so very few things that the House of Representatives are required to do, and one is to pass a budget. Getting them to pass one is like pulling teeth.

They'd much rather waste time writing terrible bills designed to shift money from one hand to the other. (AHCA) or spend thousands of man hours crafting lofty sales pitches designed make you think they care about you. (A Better Way).

In the end, nothing changes because we refuse to change those we send to Washinton.

There are new calls for America to start getting aggressive in the Arctic. Yes, you read that right. With all the problems we have in the world today we now need to worry about gaining a foothold in the Arctic.

That's because Russia has just completed it's first Arctic military base and is actively building ships capable of navigating shipping routs through the icy Arctic waters.

It's ridiculous, and I'll explain why.

I've got a lot more on the show today but I know you're going to listen so I'll just let you hear it for yourself.

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