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607: Former CIA Director Brennan On Record Over Russian Interference


Former CIA Director John Brennan was on Capital Hill yesterday speaking in front of the House Intelligence Committee.

His comments about the Trump campaign (or people working for the campaign) raises concerns over possible collusion between Russia and the campaign.

But Brennan went far short of suggesting there was collusion or that Trump was in any way involved in the communications.

I've got the highlights of the hearing for you on today's show as well as some witty commentary.

The bottom line is, this is a waste of time. The Intelligence Committee has access to the information Brennan is referring to. The FBI also has that information, and they are the ones charged with investigating any possible wrongdoing.

So WHY is Congress wasting time on a hearing? If the Intelligence Committee is concerned about what they've seen and doesn't think the FBI can act impartially, then they should appoint a special prosecutor to take over.

As of today, the American public has seen ZERO evidence of any wrongdoing by anyone. Flynn is the one exception, but his problems are unrelated to the Russia probe.

So, again, a lot of time and media attention wasted on something that has little to no real impact on Americans. Let the investigations move forward. When there is actual news of corruption, collusion or treason (or absolution of the same) then report on it.

Until then we have bigger problems we should be addressing.