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622: CNN's Tough Talk Backfires BIG TIME


CNN could not have misplayed their hand worse if they tried. Apparently, CNN is still living in a world where they control the narrative and hold the all the power.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The power in today's media is held by the nameless, faceless trolls on the internet who have both time and skill as their weapons.

CNN found out the hard way that heavy-handed threats and self-righteous demands will not scare off the hoards of social media-savvy Americans who won't be muscled.

Chicago school children will now face one more hurdle before graduation. Regardless of their academic proficiencies, if students can't show they have a government-approved plan after graduation, they will not be issued a diploma.

I'll give you the details today.

Elizabeth Warren was in Afghanistan this week to celebrate 4th of July with the troops. If you find it odd the Mrs. Warren would be in Afghanistan you have reason to question.

Since joining the Senate in 2013 Warren has been to Afghanistan exactly zero times. I'll explain her recent change on today's show.