In a federal detention hearing today, for 2 defendants in the Las Vegas Federal court, lead prosecutor Steven Myhre nearly had a mental breakdown. He began shaking and lost it in a childish, unprofessional way, directing accusations at two defendants who were found not guilty on the majority of charges by jurors, just the day before.

He uncontrollably and angrily accused defendant Eric Parker of being a coward multiple times, and referred to him even as "a slithering coward with a gun," going on to bring up a shirt he and others had worn the evening before with the words Jury Nullification - No Victim No Crime. He desperately begged the judge to not release these two defendants, Eric Parker and Scott Drexler.

Myhre even stooped so low as to say that Drexler should not be allowed pretrial release pending a third jury trial because of Drexler having camping gear and food in his truck!Stating that he could be at flight risk because he's a survivalist.

Judge Gloria Navarro, facing impeachment accusations because of her biased actions in the past two trials of these same defendants, seems to be losing steam and control of her own courtroom. She's losing it so bad that she even went as far as accusing one of the defendants, Drexler, of giving her the evil eye multiple times during the trial, calling him disobedient and like a child.

This has become far from a fair trial. A court that has traded the kangaroo in for the book on Nazism.

Let's just state a few reasons why this judge should at least recluse herself from the case:

#1. Her husband is Clark County prosecutor, Brian Rutledge. Conflict of interest because of his involvement with Harry Reid and the land grabs throughout Clark County.

#2. Judge Navarro's involvement with the Hage family, in another land grab of a Rancher's grazing rights involving the BLM.

#3. How can she be fair when she has already handed out sentencing to at least two other defendants, Greg Burleson 68 years, and Jerry DeLemus 8 years, in the same case?"

- john lamb





If you believe that this atrocity that the courts are doing is wrong, and the levels that they are going thru is way too much then consider signing this petition to impeach judge Navarro.