Remember back in the 80's and 90's when the "experts" and the media said that Fat was this big bad ugly thing to have and if you ate it would kill you (a bit of exaggeration there) and going fat free was the answer. How many people lost weight doing this, and how many people gained weight doing this. I seem to remember that a lot of people had to work extra hard at the gym to give thier mind the beliefe that going fat free was the answer.

From what I have seen in my own dietary needs as well as quite a few others that fat free is actually the enemy. When you remove fat you are removing a few things. You remove the energy component (yes, Fat does provide energy!), you remove the satiety component and you also remove the taste component. Now back to the energy thing for fat. Your body will burn fat and use it as energy and unlike carbs, it will not raise your blood sugar the same way that carbs will. For people on the keto diet for a Glut1 deficiency, they have to maintain a low carb intake for the rest of their life and keep the fats up to which is a 4 to 1 ratio. 4 fats to 1 carb, as this helps keep the seizures at bay. The Glut1 defiency basically is a disorder to where your body cannot transport the energy from carbs to your brain, so your brain basically starves of energy and you have developmental delays and seizures. Since fat is an energy source, the body can feed your brain off of that. The other thing is carbs when turned into glucose only provide a short span of energy as it is basically a “sugar rush” to why some will notice that when they eat a carb heavy meal they get tired after a while. Their body is coming down from the sugar high. I notice that when I do not follow the low carb diet, that I tend to get “dizzy” spells here and there when I eat carbs because my blood sugar is doing a up and down thing all the time.
When I followed a strict low carb diet for 6 months, I noticed quite a few things.

• I lost over 50 lbs in about 6 months.
• My knees and other joints stopped hurting
• I quit sweating a lot.
• I slept a ton better
• My cholesterol was deemed excellent
• My triglycerides were at 43 from over 200
• My bad cholesterol was where my doctor wanted it at
• My good cholesterol was where he wanted it at.
• I did not have many mood swings.
• I was able to do 60 mile bike rides without stopping.
The one fat that I did stay away from was the trans fats, I stuck to more natural fats.

Here are a few articles that I found regarding Fats.