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695: FISA Abuses, Government Shutdowns, and Rogue Asteroids?


Yeah, that last one got me too. It appears that in an attempt to make the shutdown sound as bad as humanly possible CNN may have overstepped in it's reporting when it suggested an asteroid might strike earth while NASA's program to monitor the sky was on hold.

I question the need for the program at all given the fact that there's nothing you can do about it if a gigantic rock decided to crash into earth. Better to just live in blissful ignorance.

We're also talking FISA and the memo floating around claiming widespread abuses. What I find funny is CNN again decided to refute the claims by bringing on disgraced Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to claim he knew of no abuses while serving as DNI.

Luckily he's not under oath this time, so when the truth comes out, he won't be eligible for another purgery charge.

Finally, we'll turn to California where a couple of economically illiterate assemblymen want a new 10% tax on any business that nets over a million dollars a year.

You'd think people would learn from the mistakes of the past, so they don't repeat them, but most of the politicians I've known seem to live in a kind of reality denial that allows them to support and promote the most ridiculous ideas for the sake of their ideology.

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