This is another podcast from one of the many podcasts that I like to listen to. This one is from the Jason Stapleton Program, definately worth a listen!

699: There's no Stopping the Automation Age


The Teamsters are trying to negotiate a deal with UPS on behalf of their drivers to ensure UPS doesn't use autonomous cars or delivery services as it moves to cut cost and increase efficiency.

I have no problem morally with unions, but this is one of the main reasons I don't like them. You see it doesn't matter if UPS starts using drones or driverless cars or not. If they don't FedEx will. If FedEx doesn't do it DHL will and if none of them do AMAZON will!

You can't escape progress and technological advancements. All you can do is make yourself less competitive.

If you're in an industry that's facing technological advancements that will put you out of a job you need to learn some new skills.

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Don't run from reality. Embrace it and learn to thrive in it!