This is another podcast from one of the many podcasts that I like to listen to. This one is from the Jason Stapleton Program, definately worth a listen!

702: State of the Union Recap and the Cost of Growth Today


If you missed Trumps SOTU address last night, fear not. You missed nothing. In addition to being one of the longest states of the unions in history, the president said surprisingly little.

I would imagine most Americans lost interest after the first hour of Trump explaining all the great things he's done for the nation, but I'll throw out a couple of highlights today so that you don't feel left out.

I think these types of events are pointless. I wouldn't have watched it myself except for the fact that I know most of YOU didn't watch it and somebody needs to be keeping up with this stuff. :-)

The SOTU address is a sales pitch. It always is. This one was no different.

We've been talking about what's driving the growth in America these last few years, and as you know, it's largely built on a central bank debt-fueled heroin addiction.

Further evidence of this came from the Treasury Department who plans to issue close to a trillion dollars of new debt this year. Not surprising given the fact that Trumps tax cut came with an additional 1.4 trillion in new unfunded expenses. You can't get something for nothing.

Finally, I want to hit on something we discussed a bit yesterday, and it's an update on the Venezuela crisis. It turns out the military is starting to turn on Maduro. The Socialist utopia is coming to an end.