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706: The One Thing I Don't Want to be Right About



As you know, I never miss a chance to tell you how right I am. I'm quite fond of the phrase "don't doubt me." But this is the one thing I wish I were wrong about.

The stock market took a big tumble yesterday, and Although it's rebounded nicely off yesterdays close, there is still a massive amount of risk in the markets today.

A lot of people including banks and bond traders will tell you they're happy to see the volatility back in the market and if you're one of those people then more power to you.

But if you're one of the millions of Americans who are staring down the barrel of another 10, 20, even 50% decline in equity prices along with rising interest rates, the world does not look so rosy.

Today we'll discuss a little about where I think the market is going and what I think you might do to protect yourself.

North Korea is apparently months away from having a missile that can hit the US mainland. Is that true? Who knows but it's important we pay attention to the players and the moves they're making. I'm far less concerned about a nuclear attack by North Korea and far more concerned about an international incident that will plunge us into yet another costly and potentially unwinnable war.

Are we hypocrites when it comes to riots? We might be. After the Superbowl many Egle's fans set to the streets, turning over cars and generally being bad folks.

Yet the media (and much of America) shrugged it off as harmless fun rather than the serious crime it was. You contrast that with how those same outlets covered the riots in Baltimore or the protests in Charlottesville and you see how we may have a problem.

I just found the subject interesting, and if we have time, we'll discuss today.

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