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727: Sessions Attacks California and Geek Squad Spies for the FBI
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Interesting show today. Despite reports that early voter turnout favored Democrats, on election night Republicans turned out the vote doing far better in total numbers.

Keep in mind this is just a primary. Total voter turnout for Republicans was 1.5 million while Democrats rallied only 1 million.

Here's what's sad, In a state with nearly 30 million people, only 2.5 million turned out to vote. That's pathetic. You wonder why incumbents always win and liberty candidates never get a shot? It's because we don't get out and vote in the primary.

Ted Cruz got 1.3 million of the 1.5 million votes cast. It was a landslide. Now I know nothing about the candidates running against him, but none of them stood a chance. He had the money, the name, and the infrastructure. Now he's back for another term.

Jeff Sessions has declared war on California...well maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. He is suing them over a recent law that prevents people from voluntarily cooperating with immigration authorities.

He claims there's "no nullification and no secession."

I'll give you my thoughts on the show today.

Finally, I've got a story about the FBI and Geek Squad. Apparently, the FBI has been paying Geek Squad employees to circumvent the 4th amendment and search your computer without a warrant. This is happening more and more, and it makes me angry. The government exists to protect liberty not to violate it. If we don't stand up against this egregious violation, we guarantee the abuse will continue.