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728: Trump is a Dog, Koch is a Hero
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Before we get to the news...

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Now to the news!

Is there anyone in America who doesn't think Donald Trump is a womanizer?

Married three times, admitted affairs, the man was even caught on tape talking about grabbing a woman by get it.

Far be it for me to judge. I don't. But it should not be surprising to anyone that a porn star named Stormy Daniels was paid $130,000 and asked to sign a non-disclosure to protect the president from what many think is an affair with the movie star.

I guess I don't know what the outrage is. If you're a moral person, this will bother you, but it didn't bother very many on the right. The elected him.

It seems like it's not much more than bias media looking for a way to dig up a scandal.

Charles Koch is out bashing the president's anticipated tariffs, and in true libertarian fashion, he's using log and facts to prove his point.

But he's also doing something I've been advocating for a long time. He's tugging at your heartstrings and destroying the moral superiority of the opposing argument.

I'll read some of what he said on the show today. Wish we have a few more billionaires like him out living the principles he claims to support.