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752: Warships from Russia and the US Put to Sea as Tensions Mount
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The USS Truman carrier strike group with a complement of 7 warships has set sail for Syria. Although it will take them a couple of weeks to get there, the movement has already initiated a response.

Russia has deployed 11 battleships out of the port in Syria for what they are claiming are "military training exercises." Of course, this is nonsense.

But what will the carrier group do when they get to Syria? Will Trump launch an attack? Prime Minister Theresa May has already said publicly they require more evidence (read ANY evidence) that a chemical attack took place while the Russias are claiming they are already on the ground and found no evidence an attack took place.

In a den of thieves and liars, who's telling the truth? Probably none of them. You certainly don't want to trust any of them.

Is the dollar headed for collapse? Jim Rickards thinks so. I'll tell you what I think in the back half of today's show.