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761: The Culture War
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What is the culture war? I was recently asked why I don't spend more time discussing it.

I have to admit I feel like I spend an hour every day fighting against people and ideas that will destroy our country and our way of life.

But I guess because I don't use the term "culture war" some people don't get it or worse yet they don't understand what it is themselves.

"Culture War" is typically a term used by Christian conservatives to describe what they believe is the moral degradation of society. Gay rights, short dresses even rock & roll were at one time singled out as signs American values and culture were under attack.

I've never found much value in fighting a culture war. That kind of virtue signaling I leave to people like Tomi Lahren who lack the education and intelligence necessary to make a defensible case for change based more than emotion.

But I think it's worth addressing since it came up so I'll talk a little about it today.