Here is an easy way to increase home privacy or even security with only spending minimal amount of money. Have you seen those buildings that the windows look like mirrors, well they are essentially a mirror known as a 1 way mirror. You can buy the film from amazon  at - It comes in different darknesses to which is the amount of light that it lets in. The lower the number the less light that it lets in and gives the tint effect. The way that a one way mirror works is that which ever side has the most light will have the mirror effect and the other side will be translucent so that you can see out but they cannot see in. I was able to install this by myself on my office window and my patio door window. 


For a extra dark tint you would use the S05 -

For a dark tint you would use the S15  -

For a medium tint you would use the S35 -

Below I have a video of me installing the window film in my office. It is a bit of a long video, but it is detailed to how to do this. I will also have another one soon on me comparing the extra dark vs the dark tint. 

 If you install this on windows that have sunlight directly coming into them, this can help keep your house cooler in the summer months.