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750: US Claims Assad Again Used Chemical Weapons. Where's the Proof?
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If you remember, back in February, on this very show I reported on a little-known statement by Secretary of Defense Mattis that the US had "no evidence" Assad used chemical weapons against his people.

That didn't stop them from launching an attack on a Syrian airbase just after Trump took office.

Today we find out the US is again accusing Assad of using chemical weapons and again has no evidence to back it up.

Apparently, there was an attack on a rebel-controlled area of Syria as Assad works to root out the last vestiges of resistance, but there appear to be no evidence the attack used chemical weapons.

Even Fox News is being cautious, referring to an "alleged chemical attack."

And let us not forget, this accusation comes on the heels of a meeting between Turkey, Iran, and Russia over how best to stabilize Syria.

From the beginning, the US has been anything but a good faith actor, and this latest accusation is far too convenient to dismiss out of hand.