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778: Do Sanctions Really Work?
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Today Mike Pompeo said they are looking to impose the harshest sanctions in history on Iran.

Do sanctions really work?

I mean, how many times in history have we applied sanctions on a rogue totalitarian regime and got them to do what we want? Today I'll give you a list of times they say it worked and let you be the judge.

Apparently, the Pope says it's ok to be gay. Now, I've got no issue with this, in fact, I'd love it if people would stop judging others over actions that don't hurt anyone. What I have a problem with is how "religion" is constantly changing its stance on what is acceptable behavior. At this point, I don't know why anyone would listen to a priest or pastor about anything related to what gets you through the pearly gates.

If you're having trouble understanding what's going on in our economy you're not alone. In fact, depending on what news articles you read this morning you walked away either feeling great or thinking the world was going to end.

I'll discuss the issues with the media and why is so hard to deduce the truth in a sea of bad reporting.

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