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768: Mueller Case against Manafort Starts to Unwind
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The government was in front of a federal judge in Virginia yesterday as it tries to bring charges against Paul Manafort. Problem is, the judge isn't having it.

It turns out the Muller doesn't have unlimited power to go after anyone he wants. He was hired to look into collusion between the Russians and the Tump campaign. It turns out, he can't find any but he did find some dirt on Manafort, and he's trying to use it as leverage to get Manifort to roll over on Trump.

And the judge is not happy.

Unemployment news was out today. Apparently, the unemployment rate is now 3.9%. Drudge is promoting this a good news but is it?

I've got an interesting perspective on unemployment and the overall health of the economy. Listen now to find out what nobody else is telling you.