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795: The Balls on the TSA
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Yeah, normally I'm more reserved but arrogance and total disregard for the traveling public by the TSA just gets my Irish up.

According to Bart Johnson, who leads security for the TSA, travelers should prepare for longer wait times and more extensive screenings as summer gets into full swing.

My question: Why? If you know travel is anticipated to incease by 10% why wouldn't you staff up accordingly? Open up overtime or improve the efficiency of your screening processes to ensure the traveler (the customer) isn't inconvenienced? That's what any private company would do. They would have to otherwise the airport would fire them and hire another firm.

Instead, Bart has the balls to suggest "thanking and acknowledging the tough job TSA officers have will go along way in bringing down stress levels."

Are you kidding me! If you're trying to check out of the supermarket and they've only got 2 of 10 checkout lines open do you ever hear the manager come out and say, "You know, acknowledging the tough job our checkers do will go a long way to reducing stress levels."

No!! And you want to know why? Because people would respond with "F$*K YOU!! I've got a family waiting at home and dinner to get on the table. Get another checkout line open or next time I'll take my business down the street."

That's the problem with government monopolies. The incentive structure is completely messed up.