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801: Does a Difficult Childhood Give You a Leg Up in Life?
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It's a question I've been asking for years and today I want to share some ideas with you based on an article I read in the WallStreet Journal.

They looked at a series of studies going back to the 1960's at the effects of childhood hardship and success. The results were interesting.

I hope this segment motivates you to take some risks and stay motivated no matter what obstacles you face.

Kennedy retires!! That's right, another supreme court judge is on his way out opening the door for Trump to get his second supreme court nominee. But don't expect this one to be easy. The Democrats know this pick will lock the court in a conservative bent for the next two decades and they are going to do everything they can to prevent a constitutional conservative from making it to the bench.

It also raises the bar on the midterm elections since any shift in the power structure could mean a tougher fight in Congress.

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