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785: Does the President Have the Power to Pardon Himself?
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I'm not going to hold you in suspense. The answer is YES! Of course he does.

But that doesn't mean he can act like a King. (Not unless we let him)

Today we're going to do something the mainstream doesn't feel necessary; Read the constitution.

The Supreme Court handed down a narrow ruling regarding the Christian baker and that cake he refused to bake. Turns out the baker has some rights. Unfortunately, SCOTUS failed to address the real issue which has nothing to do with religion.

The US dollar is getting stronger. For all the talk of the dollars end, at least for now it's getting stronger, not weaker.

The question is why? To understand what's happening you need to first understand how imports and exports are affected by changing currency prices and what affect tariffs play in international trade.

This last section is a little more difficult both for me to explain and for you to grasp so please be patient with me. :-)