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807: I just Joined the LP
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Yes, I know that was quick. After my conversation with Marc yesterday I had a call with Michael Heise and after listening to his vision for the party and the mass of support he'd received I decided I'd join the movement.

I'll give you a full breakdown of my rationale on the show but it's a big step for me and whether you join or not I'm excited to be part of the momentum behind this movement.

Trump made his pick in Brett Kavanaugh and I'm going to tell you what I know about him so far.

But everyone is missing the point...

This isn't really about a supreme court justice. It's about money. The nomination of a new justice gives both sides the opportunity to spread fear and hate which always has the money rolling in.

Nothing like a good crisis to get those political dollars flowing.

Make sure you listen to the last segment today. (about the 40-minute mark) I talk a little about our perception of reality and how we command our own destiny. I think you'll get a lot out of it.