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815: The Trump Tapes
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Yet another disappointing media orgasm. Yesterday the Trump tapes were released and this morning I watched CNN interview Lenny Davis, Cohen's lawyer about it.

I'll play you the tape, the attorney's reaction, and my thoughts but let me just say this...

Media in this country has become a joke. Even when the truth is clear for all to see the media will spin it. Here are the facts.

1. Trump set up a company to buy a story from a porn star so he could keep their sexual encounter a secret.

2. At least one of the discussions about that transaction was recorded by Trump's Attorney.

3. None of it was illegal.

So all of this press is designed to do nothing but fan the flames of anger and destroy Trump's image. (And let's be serious, does the man really have any image left to destroy?)

But there is a bigger point about our society I want to make on today's show so please tune in and listen now. :-)