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825: The Alex Jones Show Crushed by the Big 3
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It's too early to tell if Alex Jones is finished but it's certainly going to be a lot harder for him to make a living now that iTunes, Youtube, Facebook, and Spotify have removed him from their platforms.

I think this is an attempt to do a couple of things. Number one, this helps to pacify the growing outrage over "Fake News" and "Hate Speech". Alex is the poster boy for both. By killing his show the platforms show they are doing something to combat the misinformation and hate on the internet.

Second, it advances their own agenda and puts other right-wing voices on notice. There will be a lot of far-right groups and pundits who pause before speaking after Alex got the chop.

He probably won't be the last either. Typically they'll have to shut down two or three people before anyone takes them seriously.

Today we'll talk about what this means for opposing views and the future of the internet.