"An amendment that would require the FBI get a warrant before they access Americans’ web-browsing history failed to pass by a single vote in the US Senate on Wednesday.

The bi-partisan push to install the privacy protection mechanism was led by Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Steve Daines (R-MT), and came following the news a planned addition to the PATRIOT Act, which is due to be renewed this week, would allow law enforcement to collect people’s browsing histories without a warrant. It was hoped the amendment would see off the upcoming PATRIOT Act changes at the pass, and preemptively install a warrant requirement.

“Is it right at this unique time when millions of law-abiding citizens are at home, for the government to be able to spy on their internet searches and web browsing without a warrant?” Wyden asked the Senate ahead of the vote today."


Now would be a great time to invest in a VPN client, regardless if you believe you have nothing to hide. Invasion of your privacy is complete tyranny.


I have a writeup of different VPN clients -

NordVPN is the one that I use the most