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Cancel Culture, the 5-Day Work Week, and Other Confusing Topics

"This week, we took another peek into the future of our civilization.

Building on last week's episode, we dug deeper into the psychology of millennials, particularly as compared to both Baby Boomers and Gen X. There's a pretty fascinating reason why the social justice movement -- and its "cancel culture" cousin -- took off among millennials.

We also discussed the history of the five-day work week, where the weekend came from, and what sort of workplace innovations could define the future work/life balance of both entrepreneurs and employees.

This is part of a larger conversation about how our world will begin to rearrange itself throughout what we've termed the Great Transition. For those who value freedom and autonomy, understanding behavioral economics and the future of wealth generation will point you to where you should start moving now. As Wayne Gretzky said, don't skate to where the puck is now, skate to where it's going to be.

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