This is another podcast from one of the many podcasts that I like to listen to. This one is from the Jason Stapleton Program, definately worth a listen!

Crypto, Debt, and the Coming Financial Crisis

"We've gotta keep beating this drum: we're facing down a catastrophic financial crisis. We're basically in a permanent state of crisis at this point. It's been bad lately, but it will keep getting worse.

But it won't necessarily get worse for everyone.

Select few will benefit from the collapse of the existing financial system as they recognize the signs and position themselves to capitalize on the emergence of new systems.

You'll hear lots of hullabaloo about the debt ceiling, but here's a hint: they'll raise it again. They always do.

You're being fooled. The press and politician class have mastered a formula for occupying the attention of the plebs and keeping them from noticing the most important things as they pass by.

If you listen to this show, you can be part of that select few.

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