This is another podcast from one of the many podcasts that I like to listen to. This one is from the I Had to Say It podcast.

Chicago Riots, Government Leaks, & The Economy Stumbles.

So it's been an interesting week. There was another Riot in downtown Chicago. No idea what set it off this time, they can't even attempt to spin this one as a "protest" because they weren't protesting a thing. It was a mob of teenagers to early 20's clowns destroying things and assulting people. No fear, no sense of worry about getting caught, and the mayor elect is already blaming anything but the clowns involved in it. Chicago replaced one bad mayor with another, and frankly they are getting what they deserve. I feel for the good people stuck there, but this is what they asked for. And the government found the kid that leaked the information about what is going on in the Ukraine real quick. It don't smell right to me, but that's just part of my problem with the situation, and I talk about that some too. Lastly the economy is on real shakey ground and I have some thoughts on that as well. for your good gear for more ME.

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