If you make your own chicken broth, or if you buy chicken broth, here is a very easy way for you to take chicken broth / stock and make chicken bouillon out of it. 

It is a very easy process to do. Basically just take about 6 cups of chicken broth / stock and put it into a large pan and cook on medium high until it starts to boil, then turn down the heat. 

Let it simmer for a few hours, stirring it every once in a while until it reduces to a syrup like consistency. 

You will known when it gets to a syrup like consistency when you can take a rubber spatula and run a line in it and it does what the above picture shows. 


At this point you want to watch it so that it does not burn. 

Cook it down for a bit longer until it becomes almost like a thick syrup like

Now you can take it off the heat and I will usually put this into ice cube trays. From there you can freeze them and once they are solid enough to work with , bag and seal them. 

Note that if you make your own, they more than likely will never actually become 100% frozen. They will be firm, but because of the fat in them they will not freeze all the way. 




Directions :

  1. In a large large pan, add the home made chicken broth or  store bought chicken broth
  2. Turn the heat up to a medium high. 
  3. When the chicken broth starts to boil, turn the heat down and using a rubber spatula stir every once in a while. 
  4. When the chcken broth turns into a syrup like consitency, turn the heat down a bit more and stir a bit more frequently. 
  5. When the chicken broth becomes a heavy like syrup, remove from heat and either add to ice cube trays
  6. Once they have been in the freezer long enough, you can remove them and bag them and seal them. 


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