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582: The Mind Games Media Plays on You


Friday I reported on a Huffington Post article by a South African college student who suggested a denial of voting rights to white men would solve all the worlds problems.

It turns out that article was likely written by someone inside the HuffPo to generate outrage AND a whole lot of clicks.

It's a modern version of clickbait perpetrated by a news organization considered by most progressives to be "legitimate."

While this types of blatant fraud are less common what has become common place is an agenda driven mainstream media where facts are far less important than playing to the hopes, fears, and emotions of the reader.

Finding the truth in the 21st century is a struggle. Lucky for us there are still third party sites and rogue journalists who are doing good work but if big media and the government get their way they'll silence anyone without a platform big enough to be considered "legitimate."

More discussion on this topic and a great example of crony capitalism today on the Jason Stapleton Program. Listen Now!