Today I am going to review the Alien Gear Gun Belt, to which works nicely with the Alien Gear Gun Holster (see my review at -

At the bottom I have a video of my year and a half review of the gun belts. 



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These belts are big, they are thick and they are sturdy. The hardware on them is very nicely made and it definately has a feeling of actual metal and not some chrome finished fake metal stuff that you usually find on belts. 

These are not your typical belts that you can find at the local store, they are much more than that. They have a steel core in the middle, which is sewn between 2 slabs of thick sturdy leather. Even if you do not have a gun to carry, but you want a nice thick sturdy belt, these are the way to go s they will get the job done and then some. 

I put this belt up to the test with my holster with a gun in it and 2 other belts and the other belts were twisting really bad compared to this one. There was some twist in the Gun Belt, but nothing compared to the twist of the other ones. The 2 other ones that I had used were not belts out of the bargain bag from the store either. 


I bought 2 of the belts with the holster deal back in August of 2016 and I wear them quite often. With most belts that I have owned, they start to stretch out after a few months of wearing them, especially if you carry a gun with you and you dont want your pants sagging down. With this gun belt, I have not noticed any stretching at all, possiblly due to the steel core and the 2 thick slabs of leather that is sewn on both sides of the steel core. 

I feel that these belts are definately worth the money. 

Just wanted to state, since I did not in the video that I am not getting paid by Alien Gear for this review. They just make a good product and wanted to do a review on it. 

I was going to provide a link to the gun belts here, but I was not able to find a link to the gun belts on their website, so I contacted them to find out if they even make them anymore. I had found out that they do not and this was the reply that I had received. 

"It is true that we are no longer making the gun belts. We were helping Bigfoot Gun Belts get their brand off the ground and now they have fully taken over the belt line. Bigfoot is our sister company and they make the exact same belts that we used to manufacture with just a different logo.

 You can reach Bigfoot Gun Belts at or by calling 208-209-7321."

Here is a video of my review.