DIY Stain Remover

DIY Oil and Grease Stain Removing


Have you ever gotten a grease stain or a oil stain on your clothes that no matter how many times you wash them, they justnot come out? Every time I cook bacon, I seem to get some sort of oil or grease stain on my shirt or pants, or I will just get a stain from just about anything. 

If I am working on my car, I always seem to get stains when I am wearing clothes that I never inteded to get stained, but when I am wearing old clothes that I dont care about they always seem to be pristine. 

Grilling stuff or when I am making ranch dressing especially for pizza's, I seem to get stains from stuff dripping onto my shirts. 

Here is a extremely easy way to remove the stubborn stains without having to go out to the store and buy some sort of new stain stick that sometimes does not work, and you probably have everything that you need to remove the stain anyways. 


I use liquid dish soap and a old toothbrush

Simply put some liquid dish soap on the stain and use the toothbrush to work it in, then put the clothing aside for 5 or 6 days then wash it. If by some chance the stain does not come out, try it one more time by working in the dish soap then letting it sit for a week. If by the 2nd time it does not come out, then the chance of it coming out might be fairly slim. You can try it more times if you want, but so far I have not had the need to do this more than 2 or 3 times (for extremely stubborn stains)

Below is a video of what I do. 


Gluten Free, Keto Friendly, Low Carb, Crustless Cheesecake


Gluten Free, Keto Friendly, Low Carb, Cheesecake


Here is a recipe for a basic, low carb,gluten free, keto friendly cheesecake. This is a no-thrills cheesecake, not much to it and simple to make. You can modify this to have the different flavorings in it if you want such as chocolate, fruit, seasonings, etc..





  1. Grease a pie plate
  2. preheat the oven to 350 degrees
  3. In a bowl, add the cream cheese and cream them using a handheld mixer or a kitchenaid mixer until it has a nice creamy consitency. 
  4. add the Splenda, sucralosestevia or Erythritol , vanilla extract and continue to mix for a few more minutes. 
  5. Add one egg at a time and mix for about a minute after adding each egg. 
  6. Pour into the greased pie plate
  7. bake for about 45 - 50 minutes. 
  8. Let it cool and serve. Add toppings if you do not like the taste of plain cheesecake. 


Cordless, Mobile Dehumidifiers




These cordless dehumidifiers are greatfor in gun safes, ammo containers, hunting supplies, keeping sealed containers dry, keeping moisture out of your important documents and many more. 


In the video below, I go over how these work and how to recharge them. They have so many different uses, to which I have 3 of them and 2 will usually travel with me in my air tight hunting containers to keep my hunting supplies dry. It is even better that I can easily recharge these.











Gluten Free, Keto Friendly, Low Carb, Ham and Egg Bake

Gluten free, Keto Friendly, Low Carb Ham and Egg Bake

In my quest to find a replacement for the Ham and Egg bake that my family loves to have for breakfast in the AM, i decidedto take out the high carb ingredient (potatoes) and replace it with a low carb alternative (cauliflower). This needed to cook longer than a traditional egg bake does, possibly due to the extra water in the cauliflower, but it still turned out to be good. I did not put any "seasoning" on this, but some ground pepper seemed to compliment this fairly well. 

If ham is not your thing, you can certainly replace the ham with another protein source, or you can leave it out all together. I have used turkey ham from time to time when is on sale and cheaper than the regular ham product. 

Gluten free, Keto Friendly, Low Carb Ham and Egg Bake


Gluten free, Keto Friendly, Low Carb Ham and Egg Bake



  • 12 eggs
  • 3-4 cups chopped ham or turkey ham
  • 1 head of cauliflower cut up into small pieces
  • 1 cup of heavy whipping cream
  • about 2 cups of shredded cheese. 



  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
  2. Cut the caulilower up into small pieces
  3. Place the cauliflower into a 9x13 pan and drizzle with some olive oil
  4. Cook in the oven for about 10 - 20 minutes to soften up the cauliflower. 
  5. While the cauliflower is cooking, in a medium bowl add the eggs and the heavy whipping cream (can also use almond milk) and mix together using a immersion blender or a handheld blender. 
  6. Chop the ham or turkey ham into bit size pices.
  7. Once the cauliflower is done cooking, let it cool for a bit (unless you plan to make the casserole right away)
  8. add the ham and 1/2 the cheese into the cauliflower and mix well. 
  9. Add the egg mixture to the 9x13 pan, then top with the rest of the cheese
  10. Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 30 - 45 minutes. 
  11. Remove the aluminum foil and bake for an additonal 45 minutes. Check the casserole at the end of the 45 minutes to make sure that all the eggs are cooked. If they are not fully cooked, cook for an additional 20 - 30 minutes. 
  12. Check the eggs about every 15 minutes to see if the eggs are done or not.